Update Your Look: Metallic Mules

It’s amazing how the human body operates like clockwork. This pregnancy so far has been right on cue with symptoms coming and going (though some have stayed around a little too long – looking at you, morning sickness). Typically feet begin to swell around the fifth month and here I am at the end of the fifth month thinking I might just squeak by without that not-so-glam symptom, but the last two nights have proved otherwise. As I’m planning outfits and shoes for NYFW, let’s just say I’m thankful that this season’s hottest shoe trend — mules — is one that even the expecting mamas can throw on and run around in while still being comfortable. And even though these have a heel, you can keep the heel short or mid-height, depending on your comfort level. I love these in gold or silver (another big trend for this season) since metallic gives a fun pop to even the most basic t-shirt and jeans look. Grab a pair and give them a whirl!

loving these metallic mules!

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