Did you see what we did over the weekend? Normally, it’s a boat or beach weekend with the family, doing chores around the house and mostly just recharging at home. This weekend took a different path and I’m so glad it did. We decided on a whim to leave the beautiful beaches of 30A and take a quick New Orleans trip! It was such a fun and spontaneous getaway that we started talking through Thursday night over dinner and a few short hours later, we were on the way.

I’ll be honest though, it started less with the idea of adventure and more about indulging in a decadent meal since we’ve been working so hard on our healthy eating and meal prep lately. We are eating mostly the same 3 proteins each lunch and dinner and it’s really working for us (thank goodness!), but the allure of one of our all-time favorite restaurants was too tempting.

Jami Ray New Orleans Trip

So on Thursday, we made a Saturday night dinner reservation at Galatoire’s and the plans were in motion.

(If you haven’t done a New Orleans trip from 30A, it’s about 4 hours, so totally doable for a weekend road trip.)

First stop upon arrival: lunch at Cochon Butcher. You might remember how much Hunter loves his Cuban sandwiches and this one is top notch. For me, it’s the Brussels sprouts that I can’t resist. Seriously, they are to die for. The place has such a cool vibe and the food is always on point.

We stayed at the Four Seasons, which was absolutely fabulous. It was our first time at this particular hotel. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by this chic chandelier bar in the lobby – so stylish! The lobby and overall style is lush and chic, glam but comfortable– in other words, perfect for our little escape. The rooms are great and the bed was just so good. There’s nothing like that good hotel sleep when you’re away.

And let me tell you, the pool was a lifesaver in the New Orleans heat. We spent a good chunk of time just lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun and napping on the deck.

Flower Swimsuit | White Vintage Style Sunglasses

These moments are probably the best part of the trip. Honestly. When life feels busy, there’s something so luxurious about straight robe life, isn’t there? I loved just lounging around in our hotel robes, totally relaxing. We ordered room service, sipped on cocktails, and just enjoyed the downtime.

Of course, we had to do a little shopping. Canal Place was our first stop – it’s got all the best stores. We then wandered around Magazine Street, which is such a charming area with all its quirky shops and boutiques. It was so much fun just strolling and window shopping, soaking in the local flavor.

And Saturday night at Galatoire’s was everything we hoped it would be. The atmosphere was lively, the food was divine, and the service was impeccable. I ordered the lemon fish and Hunter opted for filet. It was, as always, cooked to perfection and words just don’t do the place justice.

After dinner, we wandered down Bourbon St and hopped over to the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone. It’s another classic with live piano entertainment and a fun atmosphere. We couldn’t find a seat at the carousel, but found a great nook by the window to sip a drink and watch a few second lines go by. The energy of those celebrations is just so contagious. Sucré is also across the street and I had to stop in and get a few macaroons as a treat for later.

Jami Ray New Orleans Trip-1

Colorful Tiger Stripe Caftan | Gold Buddha Girl Bangles | Lele Sadoughi Pearl & Straw Purse | Gold Platform Heels

By this time, I was in a food coma and ready to get back to the robe life, but the evening plans were just what we needed for a spontaneous date weekend.

A quick rundown of New Orleans favorites I recommend if you’re looking at a trip:

  • Cochin Butcher
  • Four Seasons Chandelier Bar
  • Galatoire’s for dinner
  • Sucré for macaroons
  • La Petite Grocery
  • Effervescence Champagne Bar
  • Willa Jean for lunch or casual dinner
  • Beignets at Café du Monde
  • Drago’s Oysters
  • Mr. B’s for dinner
  • Peche Seafood for dinner
  • Brunch at Palm & Pine

Overall, it was such a fun and memorable trip. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you don’t plan too much – just go with the flow and enjoy every moment.

And you know, amidst the hustle and bustle of work, kids’ activities, summer camps, and everyday life, it’s so important to carve out time for just the two of you.

I know it’s not always an option, especially with work and family responsibilities, but if you can do it, I highly recommend the escape. This trip was a perfect reminder of how valuable those moments are – a chance to reconnect, relax, and recharge together.

Next time you’re thinking of a quick getaway, consider a road trip to New Orleans. You won’t regret it!

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