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Taking on a Fixer Upper!

May 10, 2019

It’s good to spice things up every now and then. There are seasons of life that feel constant and seasons of change. It’s balance – a cycle that needs both. You can’t appreciate one without the other. So in the spirit of keeping things interesting, we decided to take on a new adventure!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately jumping into it. My stories have had a few different scenes recently and some of you have already noticed the change. So, to share the scoop: our family is taking on the task of updating a fixer upper and we are so excited for the challenge. The local real estate market is hotter than ever and our little towns are growing so fast. We had outgrown our tiny 2-bedroom house and decided to list our space just to see what happened. We ended up with a great offer and eventually said yes.

Meanwhile, searching for the perfect place to land next was proving to be harder than we thought. New listings don’t last long and good ones have a line of people bidding. We couldn’t find what we wanted and didn’t want to overpay for something that didn’t fit. So, we decided to make a pit stop along the way and try our hands at the fixer upper game.

Hunter’s business as a fishing guide has grown so much and runs two boats. One of the big items on our wish list is enough space for both boats, a truck/trailer, and both of our cars. That’s not even counting what we’re looking for in a house, yard or neighborhood. Needless to say, our options are limited. The place we bought came into play through word of mouth and we saw lots of space with potential to suit us. It’s the kind of place waiting to be polished and shined. We could tell there had once been love and craftsmanship put into it, but the place hadn’t changed in decades. I’m talking 70s paneling, vintage porcelain and brass bathroom pieces and a kitchen begging for a facelift.

We have a list of updates planned and I’m excited to see this house evolve. Some of our projects are minor and some are pretty big. The house itself is a simple cottage style (covered in paneling) with a big porch and lots of yard.

I took a few “before” photos that I’m sharing in this post and be warned: these first pictures are … well, they’re a little scary! To be honest, things already look so different. I’ll post updates as we go, but so far, we’ve done a few small aesthetic changes to help us settle in during this renovation. We’re about to kick off a couple of big projects, which are going to make a huge difference. I’m excited to take you along for the ride and share the progress as we update this space!

Our Fixer Upper Before
dining room to living room
Our Fixer Upper Before
living room to kitchen + dining
Our Fixer Upper Before
living room
Our Fixer Upper Before
Our Fixer Upper Before
living room to hallway
Our Fixer Upper Before
master bedroom
Our Fixer Upper Before
bedroom 2
Our Fixer Upper Before
girls + guest bathroom


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