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My Favorite Matching Swimsuits for Girls

May 20, 2019

I didn’t realize how much I loved matching until I had two to coordinate with each other. Emery and I have dabbled in Mommy-and-me looks, but dressing sisters for the beach or pool has become even more fun. These Florida girls, of course, love palm prints, flamingoes, and sunset shades to name a few. All of the styles linked below are ones that I’ve ordered for the girls and know the quality and style pass the test.

As much as I adore cute bikini style suits for a baby and her big sis, I find myself going back to one-pieces and rash guard styles just for the added coverage. It’s slightly less sand in “all the places” after a day at the beach and a bit less skin to reapply sunscreen to since the fabric gives extra sun protection. These are all so cute and I can attest to the fact that they hold up for multiple days/washes in sun, sand and pool water. Below, I’m also linking some of my favorite beach accessories for girls to round out these sweet matching looks. If you have any favorite styles I didn’t include (or even if you just want to say hi), please drop a quick note below in the comments. I love connecting with yall here!

30A Mama Shopping - Sister Swimsuits

Flamingo Print Rash Guards

Big Sis // Lil Sis

30A Mama - Seaside FL - Amazon Swan Swimsuits - Girls Matching Swimsuits

Striped Swan Suits

Big Sis // Lil Sis

30A Mama - Inlet Beach - Shade Critters - Girls Matching Swimsuits - Mommy and Me Swim

Botanical Stripe

Big Sis // Lil Sis

Flamingo Monogram

Big Sis // Lil Sis

30A Mama - Blue Mountain Beach - Cecil & Lou - Girls Matching Monogram Swimsuits

Vintage Pink Monogram

Big Sis // Lil Sis

Matching Swimsuits - Minnow Swim

French Blue Ruffle

Big Sis // Lil Sis


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