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Christmas Cards with Minted

November 12, 2020

If you haven’t noticed yet, the holiday season is in full swing, perhaps even a bit early this year. You’re probably feeling a little like me and love the start of this period. Personally, I’m hoping to stretch as much of the last two months of the year out in an effort to savor the most joyous time a little longer. I think we can all use extra holiday cheer in 2020, am I right?

One of the first things I do every year as part of the Christmas season is plan our family photos and order cards. You might want to do this before the tree is up, before stockings are hung and before any gifts are bought. Never hurts to do this part early! It’s so nice to get one thing checked off the list and have a sweet Christmas greeting in the mail to family and friends.

30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - Grayton Beach 30A Christmas
30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - Grayton Beach 30A Christmas

This year I ordered from Minted and LOVE the way the cards turned out. Right now, they’re doing 15% off all holiday cards or 20% off foil cards. Go ahead and get the ball rolling!

Click here to shop cards at Minted.

30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - jeep on the beach family portrait
30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - rose gold foil

For the back, I opted for a 9 image gallery. I typically do a picture on the back of the girls, but this year was one of our best as a family. We made it a point to find weekend escapes and quiet retreats where we could and enjoy a different take on life. In a year that was so wild in every other category, I wanted to mark this year’s positives, which included A LOT of family time.

I personally love to address my own cards – call me crazy — but I find it a little therapeutic and fun. If you’re not feeling that task, Minted allows you to upload a spreadsheet of addresses and have them printed on envelopes ready to mail.

This year, I added a custom label with our return address and name on the back. I love how cute these are and the blush shade was a perfect pick for me.

I also love the rose gold foil and kept the design very simple since we had such a fun family photo and gorgeous beach backdrop, but you can really find any style to fit your photo or aesthetic.

30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - 2020 travels
30A Mama Minted Christmas Card - return label


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