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04 – Erica Pierce & Makenzie Carter of The Seaside Style

December 31, 2018

Welcome to episode 04 of the 30A Mama Podcast! Thank you so much for joining me! In this episode, I chat with mother daughter duo Erica Pierce and Makenzie Carter of The Seaside Style to talk more about what it’s really like to work and play together, how they continue to stay inspired to share an incredible brand with so many and how they keep simplicity a focus in their everyday life.

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Episode Highlights

The Early Days

Erica shares a look at the early days of Seaside when she was a new mom and a hostess at Bud & Alley’s (with a degree in Interior Design in her pocket). A budding relationship with the town founders led to a decades-long career establishing and evolving the retail component of Seaside.

Open Lines of Communication

These two work closely together everyday and still talk non-stop outside of work. Erica describes their workspace as a great space to collaborate. Everyone throws ideas out and brainstorms as a team to make the most of creativity. Makenzie says this atmosphere and teamwork approach allows them to put their best foot forward as a brand.

Saying No to Added Pressure

Makenzie talks about removing unnecessary pressure to be perfect and how she accepts that she won’t be the best at everything. With some things you have to make little sacrifices in order to be fully present and make life easier.

Seaside Scoop

Erica shares an exciting development and what’s ahead for The Seaside Style!

Erica and Makenzie’s Links

Instagram: @theseasidestyle, @makcarter, @erica_g_pierce Website: The Seaside Style

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