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To Have & To Hold

June 2, 2010

More wedding stuff! Getting tired of it yet? Less than two months to go til the big day! There is still SO much left to do even though it seems like I’ve checked off so many big items already. Luckily, Jennifer and mom have been making sure I’m on top of everything and Jennifer even sent me a list yesterday of things to think of, just in case I hadn’t. She said, “Don’t be overwhelmed, these are all little things, just easier to check off now.” It was only 21 items, so I feel like I’m making progress!
Of course, I like to check off the easiest things first. (Is it just me or is there something a little exciting about marking things as checked with a nice black ink pen?) I wasn’t having luck finding a ring bearer pillow I liked that was A) black and white, B)not too matchy with the damask I already have and C) not tacky. Martha and the wedding blogs have been going crazy about Paloma’s Nest (also on Etsy) and her ceramic ring bowls, so when I finally checked out the goods, I knew I wanted one for the rings instead of a pillow. I love the different phrases like WITH THIS RING and TO HAVE AND TO HOLD or you can go the custom route. You’ll have to wait and see what I chose. That task is officially crossed off the to-do list! One down 20 (that I know of) to go!

Photo: Paloma’s Nest

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