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Red Bar One of Florida’s Best Bars

July 2, 2009

Word is spreading… watch out! FOX News just put together a list of Florida’s best bars from Pensacola to Jacksonville to the Keys and our own little Red Bar made the list! Just the other day we saw a Red Bar t-shirt on CMT and now it’s in the company of other classics and hole-in-the-wall places like Key West’s Old Captain’s Saloon, Fort Lauderdale’s Elbo Room and an old college favorite of mine in Tallahassee, the Leon Pub. Here’s what they said:

RED BAR, 70 Hotz Ave., Santa Rosa Beach (Grayton Beach): Poster-covered walls,
vintage white leather men’s shoes, a large-mouthed bass, random photos, and
figurines ranging from Donald Duck to Jesus are all part of the decor. The
bathrooms are illuminated by red Christmas lights.

For the full list with locations and descriptions, go here.


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