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30A Favorite: Nike Tempo Running Shorts

July 2, 2009

Sure 30A is a hot vacation spot, but it’s becoming more obvious that our little community is now one of the more popular places for people to get their exercise on. It only makes sense when we have 20 something miles of paved trails and some of the best scenery you can find.

In the 10 miles I drive back and forth to work every day, I see growing numbers of people walking, running, biking, pushing strollers and walking dogs. I join in the evenings and on the weekends, but it seems like there is always a crowd whether it’s 6 in the morning, high noon or 8 at night. It also seems that almost every other woman is wearing these Nike shorts. They’re under $30 and come in about 30 color combos. They’re everywhere! So for a tiny sample of the 30A lifestyle all you need is a little time to exercise and a pair of these in your favorite color.

Photo: Nike


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