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Quarantine Enneagram

April 6, 2020

What day is it? What time is it? How long have we been here? We’re all doing what we can to adjust to life in quarantine and it’s wild how different everything is these days.

It’s also fascinating how each different personality type adjusts to change and crisis. Are you an introvert loving this time as a homebody? Or are you an adventurer aching to get out? I’m breaking down the quarantine life through an enneagram lens. Clearly, I’m not an expert, just an enthusiast. If you haven’t taken the test, there’s a short Enneagram quiz here that takes almost no time and identifies your strongest type.

So, let’s dig in…


Enneagram Type 1

You take on this free time like you were MADE for this. Activity kits? Check. Arts & crafts? Check. Homemade meals 3x a day? Yessss. Your daily routine is stuff Pinterest dreams are made of. You’ve never met a moment you’re not prepared to fill, whether it’s a bonus homeschool lesson, fresh baked goodies made from scratch or a chance to color code that schedule. (How many colors is too many colors?) You’re so self-disciplined and know you can use this time to better yourself with projects and learning. ​​​​​​​​​Be honest. How many rooms have you organized so far?

You’re also wise and fierce in a way that helps you navigate these waters with aplomb. You’re ready to play just as hard as you work, which means your children will most likely have incredible memories of all your projects and fun. Thank you for being the light that your family needs during all this! Just remember it’s okay to enjoy a day without a plan or productivity. Give grace to those who aren’t on the same page. And if you’re feeling a little lost, start a puzzle, organize your bathroom or just check things off as you can. Write out a short list and take on each task until you feel accomplished and energized.


Enneagram Type 2

You might not know it, but you were MADE for times like these. Knowing every little detail that keeps your household running and your special people feeling special is a gift. In fact, you’re great at giving gifts. Your kindness and gentleness is so valuable in a crisis situation and you know how to remain calm and offer help. It’s kind of nice to be wanted so much, allowing you really flex your skills. You love helping your circle too, so be sure to reach out, text, Facetime or order a care package for those people you know need the extra love. Snail mail might be your new best friend! Your generosity is incredible and people like you make the world a better place.

In case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at this sudden weight of responsibility on your shoulders to do ALL THE THINGS all day for an unknown period of time, just pause. Remember that no one can be all things to all people. Remember that you are doing enough, you are enough and your warmth and kindness will go so far in helping your family feel safe and normal. Just be sure to take time for yourself. Do a face mask. Read a book. Take a nap. Or try out a new hobby.


Enneagram Type 3

Ready to take on 25 hats? YOU SURE ARE!!!! You’re probably loving this moment to homeschool and share that drive with your new students. Why finish all the assigned work by Friday if you can finish Wednesday? You may be LOVING the chance to work. it. out. with major fitness routines on the daily. That optimism is infectious! Be the cheerleader your family needs through this time. You’re motivated, confident and are able to see this quarantine as pure opportunity with so much potential to grow. Keep up that positive attitude because you have no idea how much it’s needed right now.

You may be feeling frustration though at having your usual productive environment completely upended. Or maybe you have so many ideas, but can’t decide where to start. If you’re stressing about not hitting your goals or feeling like you’re behind… relax. We’re all in this together and a worldwide pandemic is out of your hands. If you do nothing in a day but make a meal or keep your kids alive, consider that a productive day. Feeling like you’re not producing enough is hard. Do the best you can and if you happen to write the next great American novel or come up with that awesome idea that’s been forming over time, run with it! You can totally relax your homeschool or activity regiment to make time for your efforts.


Enneagram Type 4

This situation is a lot to process and your emotions are probably on a roller coaster. It’s hard not to feel the depths of fear and uncertainty, but you can also feel the highs of sweet family moments and meaningful experiences. Your coffee or dinner game is probably on a whole new level and your creative juices are flowing. Get outside. Become the BFF of Mother Nature. You can take this time to really connect with your people and find so much purpose in how you spend these days. Watch sentimental movies. Journal. Whip up a delicious dish. Create something beautiful. Find joy in the simple things.

The way you handle this and set the tone for your family is like no one else. This is hard and this is sweet, all rolled into a messy ball. You are a GEM and only YOU can be you. It’s a lot to process these seemingly conflicting emotions at the same time and you may be feeling that weight. If you’re lonely, set a reminder to Facetime or Zoom with friends and family. Make it a point to connect however you can. Look to scriptures or inspiring quotes to bring comfort and hold onto those words like treasures. It’s okay not to feel okay, but try to focus on the hope ahead and the opportunity to make this time special.


Enneagram Type 5

Leave it to a situation like this to offer an unprecedented amount of information to process. You’re probably soaking in the stats and news updates at any chance and most likely following the quarantine rules to a tee. You know exactly what your food and supply situation is and are prepared for the long haul. Does your family need a color coded calendar or task list for each day! Why not??? Chances are you’re just fine without all that socializing and your inner introvert is one happy camper. How far have you made it through your reading list? Ready for the next murder mystery series? This is the perfect time! You are so good at taking in all the information you’re thrown and processing it in a way that makes sense. What a gift! Homeschool math is a breeze, am I right? (And you’ve probably solved that murder mystery or at least have a solid theory…)

But if your house plants aren’t feeling like enough company and you start to feel boxed in, get out and drive. Go for a walk and get away from details. Check on friends and let them vent. You probably have the best advice because you’re a great problem solver. Your people might need a deep convo and you can lend an ear. Your resourcefulness and ability to use this time to rest and recharge are amazing.


Enneagram Type 6

You might be a six if you’ve already considered that this might be the end of the world. Not to be harsh, but sixes go to the worst case scenario in a heartbeat. This is a wild time and the unknown is a lot to think about. You’re probably feeling stressed by not knowing, probably saying “what if?” many times a day, but chances are you’re pantry and toiletry supply is solid. Your people are always top of mind and for that group mentality, you are a rockstar. When they said quarantine, you know they meant QUAR-AN-TINE, people, and there’s no bending the rules for a play date or excursion in your house. 100% cool. Your strengths are giving off those safe, secure vibes (even if your mind is racing with worry 24/7) and being ready for the next step is exactly what your family needs now. Just keep chugging along. Be proud of your loyalty to your family and celebrate that they trust in you to be there when they need you most. What an amazing responsibility!

Your ability to see a situation from all sides can add anxiety and you might be feeling overwhelmed. To lighten the mood, get into the meme game and laugh it up. Let humor be a relief. You’ve made it this far and when this is all over you’ll be ready to celebrate. Plan that future vacay and settle in for a movie marathon. You’ve got this!


Enneagram Type 7

Of all the personality types, you’re most likely to lose your mind in quarantine. This is NOT your ideal setting. You thrive on social interactions and adventures, so this whole thing has really put a damper on your spirits (understatement). Maybe you’re coping by staring into the fridge and eating a month’s worth of snacks in one week. Anyone?? The good news is you can get outside and take on adventure at a safe social distance. Set up backyard games. Go on a hike. Volunteer to do the grocery run. Get that curbside dinner pickup. Do all the TikTok dances. Support your favorite local shops and small businesses by online shopping for items you can put to use now and on that next escapade.

When you’re feeling the walls caving in, focus on tomorrow and the future full of freedom. Remember that you have to go through this phase so you can have ALL THE FUN in the next. Go ahead and plan out adventures down the road but keep in mind that today can be an experience of whatever you dream up. Get creative and spontaneous where you can. Yall are making the best memes in the history of memes. For activities, imagine what you’d want to do as a kid and try to give that experience to your family. Thank you for always bringing the fun!


Enneagram Type 8

Boss mode, quarantine-style. This is so you. You can swing from one end of the spectrum rocking all the DIY projects, at-home workouts and sanitizing like a champ, then follow that with a low-key activity. Maybe yesterday you made your own detergent and cleaning spray, but today you’re watching cartoons with kids on your lap. You’re being super productive caring for kids, doing your work and keeping up with homeschool assignments while texting your friends group and IG-storying your day.

You’re straightforward, a natural leader and typically tell it like it is. You’re a realist but also want to protect your crew so they feel safe against the world. No, you can’t control a situation like this, and you might feel powerless. Don’t cut corners with new rules just to feel in control. Your people are following your lead. If you’re feeling in a funk, put on those sunglasses, plug in your Airpods and get some fresh air. Do something bold and keep up the sunshiney attitude.


Enneagram Type 9

Easy breezy lemon squeezy. Quarantine is clearly not ideal, but wow — no schedules, no alarm clocks, activities of your choice all day long. You could definitely get used to this. Your collection of lounge wear and comfy clothes is majorly impressive. With this transition, your kids may be up and snacking at 11 pm, but it’s cool, because they can just sleep in tomorrow. No judgment here. When you see those color-coded schedules, you just giggle and move on.

This is a perfect time to focus inward and forget outside opinions. Harmony and growth as a family are incredible silver linings here. You’re loving whatever evokes the feeling of quality time. You can kind of tune out the world and create your own space to go with the flow and discover new fun together. Grab some supplies and see what strikes you — maybe you bake a delicious dish, do some fabulous sidewalk chalk with the kids or start a new series because why not?

You might even wonder why everyone is so stressed and you’re taking it in stride, or why the world feels like chaos and your home feels like a sanctuary. Remember that calm and patience is your forte. You’re accepting and understanding. Not everyone has that luxury. Check in with those mom friends who tend to get anxious first and offer an ear with your epic listening skills. Just be sure to share your feelings too. Your soothing approach and perspective is everything we need right now!

Read more about enneagram types for moms in this post and my other enneagram posts here.

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