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Enneagram Prayers – It’s Okay If

April 13, 2020

It’s okay if you don’t feel like yourself. 💗💗 This is probably my favorite enneagram list to date because we’re all likely to feel out of sorts during this season and when we do, it’s easy to fall. Hopefully this can remind you of your strengths and help you ask for the tools you need to be your best. I know I will be referring back to these prayers A LOT! 🙏🏻

If you haven’t taken the test, there’s a short Enneagram quiz here that takes almost no time and identifies your strongest type. I should mention that I’m not an expert, just an enthusiast.

So, let’s dig in…


Enneagram Type 1

It’s okay if you don’t feel perfect, make a mess of things or get into a bad mood.

Pray for wisdom and grace.


Enneagram Type 2

It’s okay if you feel controlling, can’t do it all, or need to take step back.

Pray for resilience and joy.


Enneagram Type 3

It’s okay if you don’t have it together, feel like you’re losing or lose interest.

Pray for humility and acceptance.


Enneagram Type 4

It’s okay if you feel indecisive, jealous, or lost without a purpose.

Pray for purpose and connection.


Enneagram Type 5

It’s okay if you overanalyze, feel restless or need to indulge.

Pray for patience and diligence.


Enneagram Type 6

It’s okay if you feel unprepared, overcompare or get competitive.

Pray for strength and compassion.


Enneagram Type 7

It’s okay if you feel stagnant, negative or tightly wound.

Pray for contentment and determination.


Enneagram Type 8

It’s okay if you lose your shine, feel out of control or want to withdraw.

Pray for obedience and endurance.


Enneagram Type 9

It’s okay if you feel tense, overextended or experience a wave of anxiety.

Pray for courage and peace.

Read more about enneagram types for moms in this post and my other enneagram posts here.

Enneagram Prayers - Its Okay If


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