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Pretty Sweet Fonts – Fun, Fabulous & Free!

May 3, 2012

I’ve been doing lots more graphic design these days, which I absolutely love. Sometimes, I’m given a project and directed to simply “make this pretty!” Those are the fun projects! Pretty sweet designs often require fun, fabulous FREE fonts and discovering new fonts is practically a hobby of mine. I tend to have weekly favorites, so this week, I’m sharing a few of them with you. Enjoy!

Google your favorites to download them from your preferred font source. I love, and
Simply Glamorous  |  Rabbit on the Moon  |  K22 Spottyface  |  Nollie  |  Cutie Pop  |  Desdemona  |  Honey Script  |  Gabriola  |  Carnivalee Freakshow  |  Jelly Cutty Cupcakes

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