Hi, friends! Are you still there? I hope so! I’ve been away from the blog for far too long, thanks to all sorts of excitement in my life. If you’ve watched Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, you’ll understand when I say this — it’s been totes cray cray! (Side note: James Van Der Beek as himself is hilarious.) 
It’s actually been really busy and chaotic, but in a truly great way. I’m finally settling into a normal routine, but more on all that in another post. Right now, I’m just accepting the fact that mild chaos can be a little normal and that every day is not perfectly scheduled with everything on the to-do list checked off. Sometimes, bigger, better or more meaningful items get added and sometimes not finishing one item is a good thing. 
Sometimes, we have days with chipped nail polish and dry-shampooed hair. Sometimes, we have coffee stains on our clothes and late nights catching up. Sometimes, we have half-stocked fridges and floors that need sweeping. Sometimes we have bad hair days. Yes, I know. I didn’t want to believe it either. I’m learning that sometimes we just have to accept it all, good, bad, organized or unruly. Sometimes we just have to do this (and trust me, I’m trying):
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