Well, we survived the month of April! We seem to still have our sanity, Emery is happy, healthy, and changing every day. While I’ve gotten noticeably less sleep than my pre-baby schedule, I really haven’t had many rough nights and certainly none that were completely sleepless. Emery must know how much I love my sleep and has only woken me up two or three times each night before going right back to bed after feeding. This has been much better than the some of the stories I heard of being up every hour or even every two. We’ve started to find the beginnings of a routine and even started getting out of the house on little field trips or dinner outings. She’s been to our favorite pizza place Fat Daddy’s, out to lunch at the Seagrove Village Market and Panera, with us for dinner at Gravel Road and even shopped with me in Publix, Target, Destin Commons and Pier Park. She didn’t give more than a few peeps at any place. What an angel! Hunter and I are still getting used to her and letting her get used to us and I can’t believe a month has already flown by. She already seems to have such personality. She loves staring out the window, riding in the car and taking afternoon naps with her Daddy. She makes the funniest faces when she’s dreaming and kicks her legs a mile a minute when she starts to get frustrated. She started picking up her head for more than a few seconds and seems to want to crawl when she’s on her tummy. I try to imagine what her voice will sound like or what she’ll look like as a toddler and a teenager, but really I’m just enjoying our sweet, one month old girl. What a blessing she is and we love her so much!