I love the holidays. I love days off work. I love leisurely afternoons involving sunshine, picture perfect beachside towns and my sweet little girl. Most of all I love that I was able to combine all these with the treat of having my sister in town, even if it’s only for a few days for Christmas. We’re so much alike, we’re practically twins. We finish each other’s sentences, make the exact same sounds at the same moment, laugh alike, talk non-stop and can just as easily sit in silence knowing precisely the thought the other has. It’s glorious. I recommend everyone have a sister.
This Tuesday was unlike most. Instead of emails, meetings, conference calls and deadlines, the day included sleeping in, a much-needed pedicure, a tasty lunch in Grayton with Jennifer and Mike and rolling around Seaside’s lawn watching clouds and people, without a care in the world. Actually, our only worry was deciding who had enough room for dessert and who would walk across the lawn for Dawson’s yogurt. In the end, we all did and we all went.  Ahhh. What a life. I wish all my Tuesdays were this fancy-free.

Emery slept through most of our pedicures

…decided she likes limes

Jennifer and Mike