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Life Update: Coming this Winter…

June 12, 2017

I have been a bit absent lately and if you’ve been missing me, I promise I have good reason. The past few weeks have been a bit out of the ordinary and I’ve been doing my best to adjust to all the changes. I shared some pretty exciting news on Instagram yesterday and in case you didn’t see it, WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

That’s right! Baby #2 will be arriving this December and we couldn’t be more excited about this tiny new addition to our family. 

30A Street Style Baby #2 Pregnancy Announcement

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How I’m Feeling: First Trimester

First of all, I am so thrilled and can’t stop thinking about all the joy this little bundle will bring to our lives. Emery is 6 so it’s been a long time since I was pregnant and experiencing the excitement and anticipation of expecting. It’s hard not to let those daydreams consume every thought because there is so much change ahead. I mean, we’re bringing a whole new life and personality into our home and into our family. Not knowing whether this baby is a boy or a girl has been one of the biggest topics looping around in my head. On one hand, I would love to have a boy (and I know Hunter would, too!), but on the other hand, I love everything about Emery and feel like I have the girl-mom role down. It’s just familiar.

Physically,  it’s been a little rough, to be honest. I’m not sure if I blocked out some of the early struggles and bodily changes that I went through with Emery, but this round has been a lot to deal with. I know so many of you moms go through the same things and can relate (or have it much worse!), but the morning sickness has been all day every day. I’m nauseous before I even get out of bed and have had the hardest time looking at my phone or computer for more than a few minutes. This makes it especially hard to work since my job involves lots of screen time. I’ve been so sleepy during those mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours that I’ve tried to squeeze in a quick nap when I can, but that’s just not always possible. I even had the flu last week and can’t remember being as sick as I was then during my entire adult life. Emery ended up with it too and I had to call in my mom to come spoon feed us soup and administer medicine for a whole day while Hunter had back to back charters. I’m still feeling sick, but hitting that second trimester mark has helped a little. I’m hoping this nausea leaves the party soon, but I’ve heard some mamas say they’ve had it up til about 20 weeks or even longer! 

All in all, these are just small things in the big picture and I know they will pass before I know it and I’ll be on to the next phase.

One thing that I’ve loved more than anything is watching Emery’s reaction to our news. She has immediately claimed this baby as her own and has checked The Bump app daily to see baby’s progress and let me know what the fruit or vegetable of the week is. The fact that she’s old enough to really get it and understand that a baby is coming makes the age gap so worthwhile — so far!

I’m planning to share a monthly maternity update, so feel free to follow along and share any advice you have, especially if you have any morning sickness solutions or have 5-6 years between kids like we will. I’d love to hear from you mamas and love that blogging and social media brings us together, no matter where we call home. 


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