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lace, pearls & angel wings

October 4, 2011
I recently read this article over on coolmomtech that names babies as the next great American consumer. I believe it. Who knew I would ever spend so much time browsing any Etsy page, baby boutique or store aisle that remotely appeared to have baby clothes, toys or accessories? Not me. But I have. And I’ve found some fun stuff. With treasures like a lacy bubble, ruffle butt bloomers, homemade flower headbands form here to eternity, a garland crown and gorgeous angel wings, I’ve been dying to do a backyard photo shoot with Emery. This weekend, I finally found enough time to get all the cool stuff together and hit the grass at sunset with my sweet girl in tow. Our country setup just happens to bring the perfect backdrop at the end of the day. The recent chill meant we couldn’t be outside long, since I had my 6 month old outside without a “wrap,” as my grandmother would say, so this took two sunsets. I couldn’t get her to smile, but she sure enjoyed nibbling on the J.Crew necklaces Hunter had given me awhile back. I think she has a future in baby food commercials!

 One of my favorites!

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