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Kid Fashion: Valentine’s Day

January 12, 2014

It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. The holiday is just too lovely to put off. Shopping for Emery’s clothing and accessories is as much or more fun than shopping for my own. There are so many cute things in store these days, especially for a holiday as girly and adorable as Valentine’s Day. I like to stick to styles that are simple, not-so-fussy and not the typical princess, character splattered kids fashion. I also like pieces that can mix in with other things in her wardrobe and stretch beyond just one occasion. i.e. You will probably never see me buy something like a smocked, monogram dress, those weird bell-bottom outfits for girls or a personalized shirt with embroidered hearts and Emery’s name. It’s just not my thing. These items, however, I love. I would actually wear most of them in my size. Click links below for details on each.
Kid Fashion - Valentines Day

Gingham Dress  |  Pink Striped Shirt  |  Chambray Shirt  |  Heart Glasses  | Red Heart Jeans  |   Ban.Do Hearts   |  BELIEVE Tee  |  Organic Twirl Skirt  |  Heart Scarf  |  Beach Baubles  |  Striped Heart PJs  |  Glitter Wristlet  |  Leopard Print Dress  |  Polka Dot A-Line Dress  |   |  Satin Ballet Slippers

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