Jami Ray 30A Mama

I went to a funeral yesterday.

Isn’t it funny how that can get you thinking? There’s nothing like the thought of being out of time to get the wheels turning about how you want to spend the time that you have. And while tears are shed, I always find the characterizations of that person and the endearing details shared in the eulogy the most moving.

How will I be described when it’s my time to go?

How will you be described?

Are they going to talk about how I kept the cleanest house without a speck of dust? Doubtful. I’m not sure my home has ever passed the white glove test and you know what? I’m okay with that.

Are they going to say I amassed a small fortune and donated healthy sums to my favorite charities? That would be nice, but unfortunately not true. (Maybe one day!)

Are they going to say I had a fabulous and enviable wardrobe? Nah. I’d like to think I have my moments here and there but that’s not what matters in the end.

So what will they say?

First, I hope they talk about love and how fiercely I love my God, my husband and my sweet girls. There’s nothing like those bonds to inspire and drive me every day along with the comfort of knowing Jesus always has my back.

But beyond that, what am I doing with my skills and creativity and what more can I do? I found myself asking that question many times over the past few months as this idea began to take shape. I absolutely love what I do in blogging and creating content for brands, for readers and for myself. It is so fun and such a creative thrill.

But there’s more. I want to create a space for women to share their everyday triumphs and struggles because there are so many moments we can celebrate and so many moments to learn from. I want to talk about what inspires us and drives us to wake up and go. I want to hear how we can simplify and streamline to cut the excess and focus on what matters. I want to listen to the stories of moms like me and moms like you and how you make it work each day. I want to hear about passion projects and dream chasing. And I want to share it all.

So with that said, let me introduce you to the 30A Mama Podcast. I want this to be a positive uplifting source we can share together. I’ll be interviewing moms, influencers and entrepreneurs (maybe you!) to peek inside everyday moments, find inspiration, support, and simple ways to discover your most beautiful life. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, a business owner, a 30A lover or just want to listen in, I’m bringing real life advice to fill your soul, follow your heart and live your most beautiful life. So grab a cup of coffee, maybe a glass of rosé and find a comfy spot to soak it all in.

The 30A Mama Podcast is coming soon.