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Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary Beach

August 10, 2009

I stopped in at Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary Beach not too long ago with one of my bros and had a nice little meal. It’s always fun to see the different looks each community has that define them and set them apart. This is what you see when you turn south off 30A and head a block toward the beach.

And here was the destination – the delicious Cowgirl Kitchen!The decor is so fun! I love this “Buckaroo” chick in the corner and the mix of frames and art on the walls.

I’m sure “Don’t Mess With Texas” was written somewhere inside. We sat inside at the red bar (not the Red Bar) and I went straight for the BBQ tacos. They were so good, I ate every bite! The pizza looked pretty tasty too and was enough to take home a little for later.

I had to show the parking job below, because I was pretty proud of it. Apparently driving back and forth down 30A at 35-45 mph with only stop signs, pedestrians and cyclists in the way has reduced my once-amazing driving/parking skills (which probably peaked during the FSU days) to next to nothing. Lloyd had to lead me through, step by step. It was a success! I’m not sure he thought it was as great an accomplishment as I did, though.
I was there tonight for dinner and it turns out a little lady named Sheryl Crow was there just a few hours before!


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