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09 – Mallory Fitzsimmons of Style Your Senses

July 7, 2019

Episode 9 of the 30A Mama Podcast features Mallory Fitzsimmons of Style Your Senses, a fellow blogger, style lover and mom of 2. Mallory has been steadily growing her business and her online following over the last several years operating a successful blog and recently launching her own online boutique as a branch of her brand. What I love about Mallory is that her #1 focus is to bring value to everyday moms like us, in the trenches of motherhood. It’s not about keeping up or showing off. We talk about how her business strategy has evolved, why what it’s really like to do all this from home, why escaping from social media is important, and of course some of her 30A favorites. She is such a gem and I loved getting to catch up with her in person. So let’s roll the intro and get to it!

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30A Mama Podcast - Mallory Fitzsimmons_Episode 9

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30A Mama Podcast - Mallory Fitzsimmons Episode 9 - Mom Quotes
30A Mama Podcast - Mallory Fitzsimmons Episode 9 - Mom Quotes
30A Mama Podcast - Mallory Fitzsimmons Episode 9 - Mom Quotes
30A Mama Podcast - Mallory Fitzsimmons Episode 9 - Mom Quotes

Mallory’s 30A Favorites

Mallory Fitzsimmons Style Your Senses on 30A Mama Podcast

First Stop When You Arrive on 30A: The beach then Pickles. The girls just love it! We always do the Great Southern, We always do Modica after the big Publix run. I’m loving the The Great Southern’s frosé bar.

Family Dining Spot: Seagrove Village Market. I love the fried green tomatoes with pimiento cheese. Nothing gets better in the world.

Must Do Activity: We are always in front of the Seaside Amphitheater. We are always checking what’s going on at the amphitheater every night.

Instagram worthy backdrop: “The beach! We always have pictures of each girl running into the water at sunset.”

What’s Your Go-To Beach Outfit: This is what I’ve been wearing. I just got a white gauze tiered ruffle skirt, a swimsuit top and a Panama hat. I felt chic. I felt put together.

What’s in Your Beach Bag: Sunscreen for sure… sun hats, snacks, towels, flip flops, snacks, snacks, snacks, water bottles. We try to keep it simple.

Mallory’s Links

Instagram: @styleyoursenses

Website: // Shop Style Your Senses

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