Sure, it’s the dead of winter and flowers in bloom are typically few and far between. They’re waiting patiently for not-so-freezing temps … until now. I say, “Why save those sweet floral prints until spring when I can enjoy them right now?” The prints this year are soft and blurry like watercolor paintings, but still bright and can be paired with darker accessories (cardigans, tights, boots, etc.) for a perfect balance until they can perk up later on. I’m even wearing the trend today with a dress in this print paired with black accessories.

I’m fascinated by designers’ sketches and the creative process that begins at the drawing stage and ends with wearable clothing. Sometimes it seems like magic. Here are a few cool doodles from the Pantone color report for spring 2010 collections. Are you already picturing your outfits? Tibi

Lela Rose
Charlotte Ronson