Okay, it’s actually six things and really, they’re all the same thing. I dare you to guess. It’s sweet Emery! She has been a ball of energy and personality lately and I am eating up every bite I can. She is fast approaching her second birthday and this “almost 2” stage has been so fun. Here are a few things I’m head over heels for these days and please read all the way down for one of the best pictures ever.

1. Rainy day gear. Emery insists on her rain boots (naturally!) and one of her fun jackets. “Need mah hoodie mommy,” she says. “Mommy put mah hoodie on mommy. Mommy.”

I’m not usually known for getting out of the house early, but I try my best not to be late so she has a few minutes to break dance and splash in the puddles.
2. Break Dancing Yes, I said break dancing. I’m not quite sure where the girl gets these crazy moves, but she is a wiggler, shaker and stomper. There is so much movement for such a tiny little person! It’s pretty funny to watch and definitely a dance that is not truly captured in a photograph. I’ll have to work on the video version.
3. Books, books, books! Before dinner, after dinner, before bedtime, past bedtime. Anytime is a good time to read, according to Emery. She has a growing collection of books that she likes to flip through on her own or pay very close attention to when Hunter or I read to her. She knows some of the stories so well that she skips ahead to tell me what’s going to happen before we even get to that page. I love that she is a book worm, just like her mama.
4. iPad Games Now I know not everyone is a fan of too much time on the iPad, but the games we play have made such a difference in Emery’s vocabulary and interactions. She loves flashcards, matching games (Articulation Station), Build a Bug, storybook apps (Goldilocks and the Princess and the Pea are her favorites), Old McDonald and even the TBS laugh track app. I have to unlock my iPhone or the iPad but Emery knows what to do after that and even knows to stay within her “Emery” folder. She turns the pages herself, repeats words and numbers and giggles right along. She’s really learned so much! I can proudly say that she can sing the alphabet all by herself and count to 9. Sometimes I play with her, sometimes I just watch in amazement.

5. Feigned Annoyance Sometimes I think this girl is 1 going on 13 the way she looks at me with these pitiful, frustrated or just plain annoyed looks on her face. She actually rolled her eyes at me the other day! I say, “Smile, Emery!” and she just stands there like “Take the picture already, lady.” I think I’m gonna be in trouble when those adolescent years finally make their appearance.

6. Last, but certainly not least I love Daddy-daughter time. Not only does it give me a chance to sit back and take a breather but watching the interaction between Emery and Hunter just melts my heart. A big, strong manly man becomes a princess, a puppy, a beauty parlor client or a T-rex rodeo rider — whatever Emery wants. I love that I was able to capture this sweet moment at the park. Now that’s what we call a framer!