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The Wedding – Above It All

March 23, 2009

Number One: This weekend’s weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It was just the perfect kind that makes you love living at the beach even more and feel sorry for anyone missing out! I spent as much time beachin it as I possibly could.

Number Two: Our friends Mike & Erin were married at “Above It All” in Seagrove Saturday and they could not have asked for a better weekend. The roof top was perfect for the rehearsal dinner and we watched the sun go down before eating Friday night. A nice little boardwalk was set up on the sand with an arbor, which totally made the ceremony. So many people get married on the beach and don’t think about the reality of sand, stairs and wind, but this helped keep it pretty instead of messy. Everything was great! Everyone looked pretty (or handsome!) the sky was the best color blue … it was sunny and breezy … the whole event looked fantastic on the lawn. I loved the cafe lights everywhere. The food was delicious and everyone had a fabulous time. I know I did! Mike & Erin even rode away in a hot red Thunderbird to cruise 30A.

I still can’t believe they’re married. Congratulations!!!

The wedding party.
The Lawn (Pre-Wedding — I didn’t get a chance to take one later)

Enjoying the party!

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