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Summer Shoe Style Guide

May 31, 2012

For most women the key to their heart is new pair of shoes, so don’t fret ladies as the 2012 summer rolls in so do the new summer shoes! For the summer 2012, we are going to break down our shoes into five must have types: classic, elegant, trendy, sexy and wild.

Let’s begin with classic, for this style it is simply just fun colored flats. From pale colors to bright colors these shoes are easy for every day running around and look great with skirts, shorts and skinny jeans. Metallic is also a trend that’s in so try a flat with a metallic tip like this one!

Elegant shoes are all about the famine aspect. A simple nude colored pump is perfect for business attire and can easily be switched into night life by throwing on a fun cocktail dress. Make sure to find ones that are comfortable or else you’ll have blisters for days!

Steve Madden Allyy Pumps

Now for trendy, these are all about the wedges (a personal favorite). Wedges come is all shapes, colors and styles from braiding, metallic/bright colors, buckles, and designs, they are seen everywhere. Wedges are perfect for shorts, maxi dresses and short dresses, these shoes are definitely diverse and the easiest to walk in!

Steve Madden Winonna Wedges

Your sexy shoes are stilettos with the shiny or metallic look. Metallic is used to make a shoe more durable but lately shiny and metallic has been extremely in. If this isn’t your look rivets will be. Rivets come in all forms from stiletto to biker boots; they can be almost invisible or made to call attention. These sexy looks are great for out on the town or a night with your man!

 Bottega Veneta Silver Naturale Mirror Antique Karung Wedge
Versace SS 2012 Shoes

Finally your wild shoes, these are your look at me bright colored shoes, which yes pastel colors are in but bright colors have stayed as well! From stilettos to lace ups these shoes are perfect for a night on the town or to just brighten up your outfit.

Ruthie Davis Candy Shoes


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