As you probably know by now, much of my business is based on social media and I love soaking up nerdy factoids full of stats, best practices and new trends. No matter if you’re using social media for business or pleasure, I wanted to share a few helpful tidbits and resources for those of who are just as addicted as I am.

1. Know the Ropes. While the nature of social media is very in-the-moment, it is still essential to have a plan, know what you’re doing and carry out the strategies based on goals and milestones you’ve set. Great social channels aren’t just spontaneous, they are thoughtful, organized and interesting.  I love this Beginner’s Social Media Guide that lists great ways to get started on the right foot.

2. Get Sucked In. Walk the walk and talk the talk. To establish an expert voice, it’s important to gauge what everyone else is doing, keep up with trends and adjust as needed. Setting aside 15-30 minutes to troll Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might seem like a time-sucker, but it really is time well spent if you do it in a strategic way. This article goes in depth to show how to do a social media audit that can determine the best content for you to post.

3. Keep it Simple When it comes down to it, no one else can be your voice the way you can. Be thoughtful, but don’t overthink it. Use common sense and keep posts, emails and other messages short and to the point. These proven tips are great to keep in mind next time you type a tweet, write a blog post or send an email.

Ideal Length of Tweet Post

via this FastCompany article here