Repeat Makeup Favorites - mid 30s

I’m not one to buy a ton of makeup every month. I like to find products that really pull their weight and last long enough to be worthwhile. Sometimes I invest in products that are nice, but take a lot of application to build up and don’t seem worth the price tag. Other times, I’m sent makeup to try and find that I like it but don’t love it. And sometimes, I find products that really fit my face and my style. Those are the ones I’m happy to buy again and again.

As a mom, I know that the value of makeup isn’t just on the surface. Having that feeling of confidence and energy that follows is everything! Even if you’re only at home, getting dressed and feeling put together goes a long way. Now is a great time to experiment with new makeup styles and even better when those are on sale!

Here’s a rundown of the products I’m currently using and repeating.You can also view the IGTV video here.


I found this newish line (new to me, anyway) a few months back and have now rebought it once. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has a wonderful Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation that has amazing coverage, but doesn’t feel heavy or look thick. For photoshoots or special occasions, I still love Estee Lauder foundation, but this one is my current favorite for a lighter feel with good coverage.


Tarte Shape Tape is one of those concealers that everyone talks about and you wonder, does it really stand up to the hype? For me, it does. I favor a lighter application and am careful not to choose a shade too pale for my face. Let’s just say the white eye mask it not my favorite look! Currently on sale half price here for only $13.50! I’m using Light Medium Honey right now but may go a shade darker when I get a little more sun.


Love this Marc Jacobs blush. It’s a natural and rosy tone that blends in well. I’ve used this off and on for almost 4 years! The shade I use is Kinks and Kisses.


Lately, I’ve been loving the hint of shimmer that the Pixi Reflex Light palette brings. I have hooded eyes and am in my mid-30s, so aging eyes benefit from a hint of it, but I’m careful not to overdo. Shimmer can draw attention to the wrong features or add texture you don’t want. I use a wet shadow brush to apply so it locks in place and only place it on the lower third of my eyelid and the inner third of my bottom lash line.

Brow Pencil

My eyebrows are light and thin, so with a round face and dark hair, I like the balance that strong brows give me. I’ve used a ton of pencils. brow powders and gels, but keep coming back to Anastasia Brow Wiz. I’ve used the Brow Definer too, but the skinny pencil of the Brow Wiz is my favorite. The strokes look like hair and I use either Chocolate or Dark Brown depending on whether I have balayage or not.

Eye Liner

The cat eye is my go-to liner style, but I have to be careful because my eyes tend to water and mess up the pretty work with no warning. I love the Stila pen and Kat Von D tattoo liner, though right now my most used pen is the NYX Super Fat Eye Marker. It’s thick but still makes a thin line and stays so well. And at $10, it’s definitely a good re-buy!


When the temperature and humidity go up, I typically switch to a waterproof mascara. Otherwise, just walking outside can mean raccoon eyes for me. The fabulous DiorShow Iconic Waterproof Mascara is so good and gives my naturally short lashes a chance.