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Pre-Spring 2014 E-zine

February 12, 2014


Prepping for spring is a process. We have emerged from the holiday season and chilly winter ready to see what’s ahead and let me tell you, we have a lot to look forward to. Though we may have felt the same buzz of optimism and excitement around this time in past years, I’m fairly certain that 2014 is going to be the best one yet. There is so much to love about life on 30A, especially this time of year. Streams of sunshine and the first true beach days make us giddy. Getting ready for all that a busy season brings is actually kind of fun. Everything looks clean, fresh and primed for activity. This is really when we come into our own.  We find inspiration all around us in the crisp white sand, the pink sunsets, turquoise water and pastel sky (p. 8-19). A pop of color, a new dress or metallic heels (p. 22) can make us feel like new women, charged and ready for anything that comes our way. Motivation and anticipation is flying high.  We get to find the romance in everyday life and fall in love with our beach town – and sweetheart – all over again (p. 26).  New ideas and partnerships like Missy Robertson for Southern Fashion House are cause for celebration (p. 42) and we realize how lucky we are to live in a community that proudly supports its own – go, Steph! Girls rule as always, especially when guitars are involved. Hello, 30A Fest! (p. 45)  A trip to Miami Swim week gives us bikini fever (p. 50). Flowers and floral prints are the poster girls of spring, bringing femininity, bold colors and endless outfit inspiration (p. 63). Red carpet beauty on stars like Reese Witherspoon have us ready to switch up our beauty routine (p. 74) and a super-cute popcorn recipe makes us ready for a cozy date night on the couch. These are just some of the blips on our radar at 30A Street Style. Beyond the year’s first ezine, we have a few exciting things up our (fashionable) sleeve. Read on and stay tuned for all the wonderful things 2014 has in store!


Jami Ray

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