I stopped by the Destin Barnes & Noble today to pick up a 2010 Moleskine planner. I absolutely love these perfect little leather books. They make blank books for writing and sketching, lined books, graphed books, address books, even books with music pages and storyboard spaces. They come in tiny pocket sizes all the way large book sizes. When I see all the black leather books organized shelf in the store, I just want to buy a stack, then fill them up with pages and pages of doodles, ideas, notes and appointments. All in thick black ink, of course.
So today I purchased a medium size weekly planner (in black, although they’ve branched out in their cover color selection) and went right home to start adding to it. It was a very exciting day!

Just think of what will be written in here!
I know that seems a little strange, but I tend to get excited about things that help get organized — even office supplies. I’ll save the post-it discussion for another time…
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