Have you noticed that the Olympics are kicking off tonight? Every web page I browse and every channel I turn to mentions something about the London games and tonight’s opening ceremonies. The buzz has absolutely hijacked social media. Is it overkill? Maybe. Will some think it’s a bit too much exposure? Probably. The truth is that it’s a little exciting to see, a little something to stand out from the daily grind. One might even say it’s like a flash of rich metallic in an otherwise neutral or conservative outfit. Gold adds a little energy to the air, making a classic combo (like the button-down and blazer from my TrendMill inspiration below) less expected and more like the bee’s knees.  Plus, if you’re anything like me, the extra dose of pizazz in your outfit will also put a spring in your step and a lift to your chin. A shot of confidence goes a long way these days so go ahead and bring home the gold.
I’m not big on shorts, but I would translate the look with a metallic top paired with cropped skinnies and wedges or by throwing a shiny gold bag on with just about anything. In case, it still seems like a lot of flash, opt for a metallic mani or glistening gold eyeshadow. I discovered Urban Decay’s Half Baked in my Naked 2 palette and can’t get enough.
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