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I Woke Up Like This – Easy Overnight Beauty Tips

January 1, 2016

Let’s face it, mornings are not always pretty. While it would be oh-so-lovely to open your eyes and wake up to your most beautiful self, that notion can sometimes be more of a dream than reality. Depending on factors such as what time I hit the sack, the level of stress I’m feeling, the number of glasses of champagne were consumed the night before or even what the humidity level is, turning your morning look into a presentable appearance might require more than a little skill and effort. (In other words, ample amounts of concealer, expertise with a blowdryer and careful application of eye makeup are all needed to look extra rested.)

In order to make mornings even easier with less effort in the beauty department (and honestly, to use fewer Instagram filters!), I’m sharing a few of my easy overnight beauty tips to help you successfully share an #iwokeuplikethis selfie — or just feel a little prettier when the sun comes up — whatever floats your boat.

REALLY Clean Your Face.

Of course we all know that taking off our makeup at the end of the day is a lifesaver for our skin. The quick remover wipes are so convenient, but don’t clear off everything that needs to go before bedtime. While some prefer to do a good scrub first thing in the morning, I’ve found that using my Clarisonic right before bed sets the stage for all my overnight potions to set in and have the best effect. If you don’t already have one of these, put it on your wishlist pronto. For a more budget-friendly version, try this.

Use a Humidifier.

Keeping a high level of moisture in the air has multiple benefits which include keeping my skin soft, moisturized and youthful, since dry air can make my skin feel stretched and prone to wrinkles. Trust me, nobody wants to wake up with those! Beyond the beauty realm, it can help fight germs and sickness, keep sinuses from getting dry and is even good for wood furniture. This one is a cool-moisture humidifer, so it stays extra clean and fresh.

Try an Overnight Mask or Serum.

I just discovered this amazing serum which is a miracle worker overnight. It can help correct sun damage, reduce redness and make skin more elastic – both two major scores in my book. Just slather it on before you close your eyes and wake up feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. If you prefer more of a cream than an oil, this overnight mask works wonders and even has an alternative specifically formulated as anti-hangover. While there is a cream for everything, if you’re feeling handy, make your own DIY mask using 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Wear Socks to Bed.

It doesn’t sound sexy or exciting, but this trick is a must for those of us who wear open toe shoes practically year-round. Slather on a healthy layer of this overnight foot cream, then add cotton or bamboo socks to keep the moisturizer on your feet and not on your sheets. I was surprised what a difference this little trick makes. Even better? The cream is just $14!

Be Beautiful in a Braid.

My hair is long and waking up with knotty hair is not only time-consuming but not so pretty to see at that first glance in the mirror. Try a loose braid to keep strands in place and to prevent that weird cowlick at the crown. Plus, waking up to beach waves from the braid gives a good base for the next day’s hairstyle. I also recently started using a satin pillowcase, which helps keep my hair feeling shiny and smooth. The satin surface can help prevent small breakage caused by even a slightly rough pillow texture.

Now that you’re armed with these overnight beauty tricks, I hope you’ll put them to use and find that you wake up even more beautiful than the night before. Go ahead, get cozy and give them a try!


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