Yes, this will be me before you know it. Just replace the chickens with hunting dogs. That’s right, we are moving to the country! Hunter’s parents bought a house on the water where they can park their shrimp boat and we are selling our house then moving into theirs. We had been talking about the possibility of this for awhile, but you know, I had a baby and other things going on, so I wasn’t really focusing on moving. What seemed like overnight, his parents were closing on their new house, starting renovations and friends of ours are buying our house. Now we’re looking at packing up and moving out in a few short weeks. It’s all very stressful and exciting! Since their house is much bigger (with over 100 acres, I might add) and slightly more of a farm house, we’ll be getting lots of new additions in the living room, kitchen and bedroom to fit the new house. I have furniture, paint color, rugs and more to shop for! I love this part!
Sure, our new pad is a little closer to the other end of Walton County and I’ve never been much of a country girl, but I’m excited about styling a new place, making it home for our little family and working to be more like Pioneer Woman. (Oh, if only I had her cooking skills!) I’ve already started pinning lots of country chic and modern farm house inspiration. Stay along for the ride and pray I don’t get too much mud on my heels, bless my heart.

image from via Emily Paben on Pinterest