This year leading up to Halloween, Emery and I spent a lot of time talking about costumes. Specifically because after seeing a big Bulldog mascot at a few football games and (apparently) a very intimidating rodeo clown, the idea of wearing her own costume was one she wasn’t wild about. After explaining that each of those scary figures were just nice people in costumes, my solution was to search for sweet Halloween outfits on Pinterest and let her choose her own. We scrolled past dragons, super heroes, princesses, witches, pumpkins, chickens and all sorts of other ideas. Finally, Emery said “Ooh look! A kitty! Mommy, can I be a kitty?” And that’s how this costume came to be. Lucky for me, it was super simple and budget friendly. She even carried her new purse as a candy basket.  Aside from the scary monsters and a few other creepy costumes, Emery loved trick-or-treating at all of the merchants in Seaside. We stopped at Duckie’s, Modica Market, Seaside Kids, Perspicasity, DeJa Vu, La Vie Est Belle — really every single shop in Seaside. I loved seeing her gain confidence from store to store and sassing it up a bit. What a cute little kitty cat!





EmeryHalloween-4 EmeryHalloween-1BW







We managed to make a run for the car just as the bottom fell out of the sky. Fun memories and a handbag full of candy. What more can a girl ask for?