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Counting Down and Setting Up

July 12, 2010

I can’t believe our wedding day is already less than two weeks away! It really seems like we were just engaged yesterday, but in reality that was months and months ago. Well, five to be exact. Almost everything is in order for the big day with just a few odd projects and little things to wrap up. It’s been quite a time. In the midst of all the planning, purchasing and crafting, I’ve also been packing up, cleaning out and moving my valuables to Hunter’s house, my future residence. This has been another big project, but I love projects so I’ve enjoyed streamlining (or getting rid of junk, as Hunter calls it), decorating and setting up shop in what will soon be our house. Pictures of the finished product to come, but for now I’ll settle for the exciting arrival of our first wedding gift sent to his house.

Thanks Uncle Chris and Aunt Emily for our fabulous new knife set! There are knifes that I don’t even know how to use!

I never really imagined myself to be so interested in anything that is used in the kitchen, but lately it’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world! Not that I’ve been applying much of this interest…yet. It looks like times, they are a-changin’.


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