Celeb Street Style Crushes

As you know, we are ob-sessed with street style. Local happens to be our favorite variety, but we can’t deny that off-duty celebrity street style is a true art form. Anyone can get all dolled up for a movie premiere or a red carpet event, but the ones who look amazing on their off days at Starbucks and the airport are the ones who really impress me. We all have those certain celebrities who we can’t help but gush over. Mine just all happen to be ridiculously chic women who have amazing shoe collections.

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Olivia Palermo: My obsession with Olivia Palermo originated when she strutted onto the small screen in MTV’s The City. Skip to four years later, she is newly engaged, maintaining her own fashion blog, and still killing it with street style. She mixes classic pieces with trends leaving her outfits perfectly au courant. She is also the queen of high-low pairings, which makes her style affordable on any budget.


Sarah Jessica Parker: Um, hello? SJP is the quintessential fashion girl’s girl. Though she may have less love drama than her Sex and The City character, she is just as charming and style savvy. Did you see her mohawk headdress situation at the MET Gala? I dare say not even Carrie Bradshaw could have worked that look so well.


Nicole Richie: Nicole has definitely had a rocky road to styledom, but that doesn’t mean her now-bohemian glam goes unnoticed. She frequents the pages of magazines and has several Tumblr and Pinterest boards dedicated to her eclectic fashion sense. The reality star turned fashion designer just goes to show that style is like a fine wine—it gets better with age.


 all images via Google and Pinterest