Ever since we met in old Landis Hall at FSU our freshman year, Shannon has been one of my absolute favorite people – sorority sister, roommate, best friend, drinking buddy – you name it. I don’t think she could have found a better mate than Doug. They are both smart, goofy, easy going and 100% sincere. A perfect combination!
They’re tying the knot in October and as the best gal in the wedding I have a few responsibilities, including co-hosting a couples’ shower with Shannon’s sister-in-law Allison. In keeping with Shannon & Doug’s laid-back style, we decided to go with a casual backyard BBQ to keep it fun without too much of a “shower” feel. (After all, we have to keep the guys’ interest too!) The bridesmaids’ dresses are a shade of olive green, so the background of the invitation is a close match. I found a western-looking font, threw in a few appropriate phrases, edited a few piggies and printed it on cardstock. Simple! I used the same font and one of the pigs to make a return address label, which I printed and stuck on the top corner of a plain black envelope. For the main address label, I found a basic template, added the piggies again and this time, a dot border with room to write in each name. Again, very simple and all can be printed at home. Overall, it’s a very easy project that adds a little fun and personality to a casual backyard barbecue invite.

** If you want any templates in Word, Publisher, Photoshop or PDF, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send them your way. I promise they are really easy to use! **
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