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A Little Country with Colt Ford

April 10, 2010

This whole country boy romance thing I’ve got going is definitely a transition. I’ve been wearing more jeans, fewer dresses and finding myself in the outdoors a lot more without high heels on my feet. I’ve even found myself at the Lower Alabama Lounge in Destin surrounded by a crowd full of country folks packed in to see Colt Ford last night. I didn’t know anything about the guy before, but Hunter really likes him. I’m not really a boots, camo or cowboy hat kind of girl, but I liked the music. It turned out to be a good show with a few pretty good songs I was humming afterward. The sound is a little bit country and a little bit rap, which seems strange coming from a big white guy, but it works for him. I liked the girl singing backup with him and couldn’t stop staring at her almost thigh-high boots. No pictures but trust me they were rockin’. Loved the floral jumper and this song. Check it out.



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