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5 Reasons to Visit Your OB/GYN

May 1, 2014

Women’s health is a top priority and one that we should all be aware of, for the sake of our own health and for special women around us. With a special focus on raising awareness for women’s health, the White-Wilson Community Foundation presents the annual Little Black Dress Party. This year’s black and white theme is one that we are not only in love with, but excited to be part of. 30A Street Style will be snapping photos along the red carpet and sharing all the fab fashions along the way. Learn more about the event and purchase tickets while they last – this event is a sell-out! In keeping with the women’s health focus, we’ve asked one of White-Wilson’s providers to share useful tips for our fabulous readers.

White-Wilson Medical Center Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Melissa Delsid, ARNP, WHNP-BC, weighs in on the top five reasons to make your annual visit to the OB/GYN a priority.

1  Keep your preventive screenings current. Are your pap, mammogram, thyroid, and cholesterol screening tests current?  Screening recommendations are based on an individual’s risk factors. Your doctor

will consider your personal health, family history and medications to determine which tests are needed and how often to order them.

2  To examine anything new on your body.  Whether it is a bump, rash, color change, pain, whatever, if it’s new, have it evaluated. It may be a perfectly benign change, but it might not. Even if someone has told you in the past that it’s normal, if it changes, have it looked at again.

3  To maintain a healthy sex life.   Yes, this is extremely important!  Every woman should be able to enjoy a healthy sex life throughout her lifetime. If you are having pain during intercourse, dryness, decreased libido or any other issues, ask!  There is no reason to be embarrassed and so much to gain from discussing your concerns.

4  Discuss Contraception. An unplanned pregnancy changes your life, and most of the pregnancies in our country are still unplanned. So discuss contraception. With so many options available to you today—condoms, pills, rings, patches, implants, injections, sterilization and of course abstinence—you can find something that fits your needs. If you choose not to use contraception, ask your doctor what you should be doing to keep yourself healthy in case of pregnancy.

5  Discuss supplements.  Women are inundated with advertisements for pills and products, and some of those can be very tempting. Always ask your healthcare provider before starting anything new, even over-the-counter products.
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