30 Questions on 30A with Cayce Collins

One of my favorite things about life on 30A is the creative spirit of our community. There are so many talented “creative types” here and it’s so fun to see how everyone is inspired to follow their dreams on a daily basis. It’s a beautiful place to create a little magic and the output of quality work here is amazing. During South Walton Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of chatting with designer Cayce Collins, a Destin local, who was selected to show her collection for the second time since SWFW’s inception three years ago. This mother of three is an adorable powerhouse, balancing family life with fashion design and even a morning bootcamp. Watch the video below to see how Cayce describes her style, her go-to 30A restaurant and her favorite fashion trend of all time. Plus, scroll down to see her SWFW runway show finale at the bottom of the post.


1. How did you get into fashion design?
So I kind of did it backwards. I started sewing first and sewing patterns and thought, “I can improve on this, I can make it more modern, more cool.” I kind of was a natural progression into design.

2. How do you describe your work in three words?
I would say bold, as in bold patterns. I would say modern. And I’m doing lots of swimwear now, so flirty.

3. How do you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a lot of fun. I just have fun with things I’m wearing. If something doesn’t make me feel really good, then I don’t wear it. I try not to wear all black. A little color here and there.

4. How did you first hear about 30A?
So I actually grew up here and we went to the beach on 30A a lot. When I was 14 I was in a runway show at Ruskin Place. So that was kind of my first time spending time a lot of time on 30A and I loved it.

5. What most excites you about South Walton Fashion Week?
You know I love being part of a community that is so supportive of the arts and South Walton is the best place if you’re a creative to be seen and to really be supported.

6. Where is your favorite place to watch the sunset?
I’m gonna be basic here and say the beach.

7. Favorite 30A restaurant?
Right now, I would say V Seagrove. They always take good care of us, but I also really love The Perfect Pig.

8. What’s in your beach bag?
In my beach bag, I have a Bluetooth speaker, always, water and good sunscreen.

9. What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is light blue and you’ll see lots of that in my line.

10. What is your favorite time of day?
I really like the early morning. I get up at like 4:30 every day and set my intentions and I exercise and just have some quiet “me” time.

11. What do you order when you get coffee?
I don’t drink a whole lot of coffee so I just get brewed, regular brewed.

12. Who would you dream of having coffee with?
I really would love to have coffee with Jenna Lyons, the president of J. Crew. She is amazing and she has the best style and she’s a really cool person. I care for her a great deal.

13. First website you check in the morning?
Usually Instagram. To see what people are up to.

14. Last book you read?
Whiskey and Charlie by Annabel Smith

15. Most used app on your phone?
Probably ebay. I like to buy people’s gently used things and sell.

16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I’m pretty quick. I go from workout to fully ready in about 30 minutes or so.

17. What one beauty product can’t you live without?
This one’s new to me. It’s hair texture powder. You put in at the roots and it makes your hair totally pliable, malleable. It’s life changing.

18. What is the last clothing or accessory item you purchased?
I purchased this necklace I have on from a hand-made artisan at the Destin Seafood Festival.

19. What is your favorite fashion trend of all time?
I really like high-waisted. I feel like it looks good on everybody. It slims you. I’m so glad that it’s back and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay.

20. What blogger/blogs do you love to follow for inspiration?
I have a couple that I really like: Beautiful Mess is one of my favorites, I love The Sartorialist, which is kind of a street style and ManRepeller out of New York City, a lot of street style and good fashion.

21. What is your guilty pleasure?
Guilty pleasure… I love to watch murder shows, trashy TV, Law & Order, etc.

22. How do you unwind?
I run a lot and drink loads of wine.

23. Do you have any hidden talents?
It’s not necessarily hidden, but I’m a boot camp instructor so I teach a small boot camp class really early in the morning a couple days a week.

24. What would you never wear?
I would never ever don a pair of Uggs. Sorry!

25.Who is the last person you called on the phone (texting doesn’t count)?
I called my best friend this morning. I call her every day. She’s going through chemotherapy right now, so I call to check up on her and make sure she’s doing okay.

26. What would you be doing if you weren’t on your current career path?
I might go into real estate. I’m really interested in real estate. I’ve always kind of followed the trends, so maybe some day.

27. What are your best words of advice?
I would tell people to be bold, whether it’s in your wardrobe choices or in your career path. If you… if it goes well for you, people will respect you for doing something different and if it doesn’t go well, you’ve learned a lesson from it.

28. Who has been your biggest influence?
Probably my grandmother. She taught me to sew and was a total renaissance woman. She was a painter and a poet. She has been a great creative influence for me.

29. What most excites you about life lately?
I have three children and we’re at this point where my kids are kind of old enough and they’re autonomous so they can feed themselves and dress themselves. So it’s cool I get to focus on me and what makes me happy and spend a little more time on me instead of just being a mom all the time.

30. Who or what is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is definitely Iris Apfel. She’s a 93-year-old socialite collector in New York City –  big round glasses –I’m sure you would know who she was if you saw her.

Thanks, Cayce!

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