30A Mama Jami Ray Makeup Bag Refresh

Winter Makeup Refresh

If you've been using the same products for more than a few months, it's most likely time for a makeup refresh. Not only do products expire and dry out, but sometimes it's just good to try new things. I admit I'm a creature of habit so I added a note to self to do a seasonal makeup audit and add new items to my makeup bag.

Jami Ray Always You Dress in Pink Alys Beach Valentine's Day Outfit

Pink Outfits to Wear for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Tis the season of love! Valentine’s Day prep is in full swing from what I’m seeing across my social media feeds and I’m not complaining one bit. You know my love for pink runs deep, so a holiday that celebrates all things lovely can easily count me as a fan. If you need a little...

Jami Ray Habits for Long Healthy Hair-1

7 Habits for Long Healthy Hair (And Products I Use)

I’ve been a long-haired girl as far back as I can remember. My sister and I always grew our hair out and would even blow dry each other’s hair when we were younger. Keeping my hair healthy and growing has been a staple of my beauty routine as I’ve gotten older. Now, I realize how...

30A Mama Accessories by Enneagram Type

Accessories by Enneagram Type

Isn’t it funny how your personality can have such a big impact on style choices – including accessories? If you know your enneagram type, you might have experienced first-hand how detailed and accurate the different descriptions can be for your behavior. It’s actually kind of wild! If you haven’t taken the test, there’s a short Enneagram...

30A Mama Jami Ray Most Shopped Producs 2021 Faves

2021 Most Shopped Products

It’s always fun to look back and reflect on the past year as we start a new one and if you know me, you know I love a little nerdy data. I went through the 30A Mama archives to see which links, products and favorite things made the top 10 (or 11 in this case)....