30A Mama Podcast hosted by Jami Ray

Welcome to the 30A Mama Podcast home page. I’m so excited you’re here and thank you so much for joining me on this fun journey to connect on a whole new level! 

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30A Mama Podcast hosted by Jami Ray

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I love that up to this point, we’ve been able to share style, beauty, motherhood tips and trends, activities and recommendations for travel and 30A – and that won’t change – but here I wanted to break down the barriers, get even more real and connect on a deeper level.

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Hello and welcome at (2:02)  // My background at (4:54)  //  Our whirlwind romance  at (8:23)  //  Intro to entrepreneurship at (9:44)  //  Baby #2 at (11:35)  //  Defining ourselves at (13:22)  //  Girlfriend chats at (14:25)  //  Being good at everything all the time at (16:32)  //  Thriving on connections at (18:15)  //  Our community at (19:12)  // Curse of the highlight reel at (19:56)  //  “crazy busy” as a dirty word at (21:45)  //  do the little things to avoid chaos at 23:35)  //  using your village (24:16)  //  coming together to connect and support (26:48)

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