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My Hurricane Season Checklist

June 20, 2020

This post is sponsored by the Hurricane Preparedness promotion at Publix. The opinions and text are all mine.

30A Mama Hurricane Prep at Publix

Scroll down for a free printable hurricane preparedness checklist!

With so much going on these days, I think we can all agree that this year has been a lot to work through. If you’re feeling uncertain, weary or even stressed about where to focus, I wanted to share a quick reminder and provide a little resource for those of you who, like me, are now adding “hurricane season” to your list of things to take on. 

As I type this, our attention is turning to The Gulf, where we are welcomed to the official 2020 hurricane season with a new storm preparing to make its mark. As a Florida resident, this is nothing new. I’ve gotten used to the routine about this time every year, and after Hurricane Michael hit so close to home two years ago, I take this more seriously than ever.

30A Mama Hurricane Prep at Publix

I find it easiest to pull out my checklist and make sure I’m stocked and ready for what may come. As a regular Publixshopper, I know I can find everything I need for hurricane season, from dinner items to kid snacks to protein shakes, batteries and first aid items. This list is a great reminder to review what you have and fill in what you don’t. 

You never know how light or threatening a storm can be and the outcomes range from a few mostly normal rainy days at home with extra cooking to being at home with no internet or electricity to evacuating and praying for the best in a worst-case scenario. 

30A Mama Hurricane Prep at Publix

It’s a range of emotion and planning, which means a range of preparing. Publix is my go-to store for stocking up and here’s why:

Quickly Shop for Hurricane Items

I need to get ALL THE THINGS quickly and without fuss. If I’m popping in to grab a few items I need to round out my prep list, it takes me less than five minutes to drive to my closest store. It’s so convenient that we often stop in multiple times per week. Lately, we’ve even been placing online orders, which are a huge time saver. Either way, I know I can get what I need easily and quickly.

Plenty of Variety for the Family 

I need to feel stocked up on random odds and ends PLUS the every day shopping list. You guys may be cooking way more lately than usual – I know I am! – which means the pantry needs my family’s favorites. In case we’re stuck home at length for a storm, I want to be sure I have our usual lunch and dinner items ready, and also plenty of food that we can eat if the power goes out. That means Collins’ fave fruit pouches, Emery’s granola bars, Hunter’s favorite water and a cart full of other things. I’m bad about making sure our random items are stocked until a time like this, so I like to grab odds and ends like first aid kit components.  

Easy Savings at Publix

The older I get, the more I enjoy a coupon deal. I know I’m buying the things we’ll actually use and will need in the event of a hurricane, but it’s even sweeter if I can score a deal. Thankfully, Publix is offering a list of coupons in anticipation of hurricane season, so take advantage and stock up on your own list, including all of the items below.

30A Mama Hurricane Prep at Publix

I purchased these at my local Publix, which saved more than $29 in one trip. I know you have a lot on your plate, and I can relate. This year has been like no other. If you need to take a moment and review your pantry, medicine cabinet and supplies, do it now. Click here to take advantage of these savings or visit .

Use this easy printable checklist, and, with the help of Publix, you can cross this off your list and call it done!

Save to print or pin for later. 

30A Mama - Hurricane Prep Checklist


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