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Lost in the Woods

January 25, 2010
Part of spending a lot of time with a good ol’ country boy seems to be spending a lot of time in the woods and doing outdoorsy things — stuff that was way out of my comfort zone. I don’t like bugs and snakes and flat shoes and sweating unless I’m working out. Even so, I found myself standing in the woods on more than one occasion lately. Oh, the things you do for love! I blame it all on this guy:

Last time I got to see a pretty sunset at the campground on the lake and was even up in time to see an early-morning sunrise. Definitely worth it! And when I say “campground” I mean the place where the 2 bedroom camper was parked, not the place where I pitched or slept in a tent. Not gonna happen. As far as the fashion (or lack thereof), this time I wore my plaid shirt, jeans and one of the few flat shoes I own that aren’t flip flops. (Obviously, I couldn’t risk getting mud on any of my heels.)

I thought I was cute and casual but Hunter kept referencing my lumberjack shirt and making comments about my boots. What is it with guys not liking jeans tucked into boots? After some light research, I’ve concluded that most girls like the look a lot, most guys don’t. Oh well.
Anyway, Hunter tried to explain everything to me. It might have been hopeless. You know, learning stuff about the land and the way the wind blows and deer tracks. I can’t say I retained it all, but I had a good time hanging out and I’m sure I can always look something up in the Daring Book for Girls if I need to. I’m pretty sure it was written for girls under the age of 12, but I find it VERY useful!
Any other ideas on how to handle the woods? I might be lost.

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