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Hello, 30A Mama!

November 20, 2017

You may have noticed there are a few changes around here (and I’m not just talking about my growing belly!). I’m excited to introduce you to my new and improved brand, 30A Mama. For the past few years, my humble home on the internet has been 30A Street Style. When I started with that name years ago, I was initially sharing inspiration from street style stars, celebrity fashion and real life outfits I loved in and around 30A. Over time, as I received more questions about what I was wearing, life at the beach and other topics like beauty and travel, the site became more focused on my personal style and recommendations. Even though I knew my content was evolving, I wasn’t quite ready to face such a (seemingly) big change like a new brand. 

Then came our news of baby #2. Of course, I was already a mama when 30A Street Style began and would occasionally include snippets of mom life into posts, but it wasn’t an overarching theme. This time around, I’ve noticed more than ever how much the theme of motherhood unites us and has only increased the relationships I’ve been fortunate to make through blogging. It’s amazing how one topic has the power to do that! With 30A Mama, I love being able to reach out and connect with all of you over things we’re going through together or searching for at the same time. It’s so comforting to message back and forth with moms who relate. My recent inbox conversations cover everything from the best antacids (lime flavor Tums, of course!) and dealing with pregnancy insomnia to how to prepare for breastfeeding without all the pressure to do it perfectly. With so much “mama talk” I knew it was time to bite the bullet and officially bring more motherhood content to the blog.

Enter my new look. I designed this logo to broadcast my blog topics while also showing that I’m a real person, a real mom behind the blog sharing the things that inspire me most. 

But being a mother is so much more than actually “mothering.” We all had interests and personalities before kids and if you’re anything like me, we’re not ready or willing to give those things up. Fashion is still a constant topic and one that I don’t put in the frivolous category. Some people may feel differently, but to me, part of being a mama is making sure you’re your best self. When I look my best and feel most confident, it makes a world of difference in the mood at home and how I do my job as a wife and mom. If a cute dress or a good pair of jeans gets me there, I’m all for it. The same goes for beauty. I could do on and on about makeup, hair or skincare and to some that may seem silly, but it’s what I like. And having an interest in those things doesn’t mean I’m less of a person. It also doesn’t make me a “perfect Pinterest mom” because Lord knows that’s not me either. I’m more likely to share the sweet moments, accomplishments and cute pictures, but that doesn’t mean the challenges aren’t there. Being a mom is hard. We all have certain ways of doing things. Sometimes those work wonders and other times we need to lean on other moms for their wisdom and experiences. It’s all a bit of a rollercoaster and one that I’m excited to share with you on 30A Mama. I look forward to continuing my style and beauty content while digging even deeper into mom life. 

If you have any post requests or topics that are on your mind, I’d love to hear them! Email me anytime or find me on Instagram as @jamiray.


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