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Chik-fil-a Day

February 9, 2010

My sister Jennifer and I spent the better part of the weekend in Atlanta after we went to a ceremony for her hubby Mike at Chik-fil-a’s corporate headquarters on Friday. He just finished a six-week training program and we celebrated his moving up the ranks. Congrats Mikey! He is officially a store operator now! It was so cool to see the corporate side of a fast food place, especially with the mini-museum and tour of the offices. There were even a ton of cars in the lobby from the founder Truett Cathy’s personal collection, including a Batmobile. Doesn’t everyone have one of those parked in the driveway?
Tim Tassopoulous, the Senior Vice President of Operations addressed the group with a nice speech about leadership and setting an example, then it was on to lunch! We had a tasty meal with Chicken Cordon Bleu and even got to sample the new Spicy Chicken that will be coming out soon. Get ready for a very spicy sandwich!

Afterwards, Jennifer and I shopped til we dropped around Ikea, Lenox Square Mall and Perimeter Mall. I found a mirror I loved but didn’t have room in the car for it. Maybe next time… I settled for a few other purchases and we finished off the trip with a slice of rich red velvet at the Cheesecake Factory. It was to die for.

It’s probably better that cheesecake this good is 5 hours away. If not, I’m pretty sure I’d be in big trouble.


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