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Pre-Season Toy Guide + Emery’s Favorite

September 23, 2019

Special thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

With all of the back to school buzz and everything we’ve been doing to get organized for a new school year, I’ve put one major kid category on the back burner: TOYS! I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I bought my girls new toys — a few months at least. We’ve had our focus on other things, but I’m making up for it big time with the addition of our beach house playhouse and the “it” characters from Disney Descendants Emery is obsessed with.

Of course, Walmart has everything covered with all of the cool toys I had been eyeing, along with a ton of new arrivals that are about to explode as we get into the holiday season. Consider this a pre-season kickoff to help you navigate some of the most popular toys that are sure to end up on a list to Santa. Walmart has amazingly fast shipping and even the option to buy online and pickup in store. Feel free to grab any of these toys now to stash for December or use them as rewards for a job well done throughout this semester.

I’ll start with Emery’s favorite…

Disney Descendants 3

You moms with kids around the same age as my E are probably very well acquainted with Disney Descendants, but if you’re not, I’ll give you a quick break down.

First of all, as a branding and storytelling enthusiast (and a big Disney fan), I absolutely love the way this whole character family has emerged from existing storylines and created a new franchise that our kids are so into.

Disney Descendants is all about the VKs — that’s Villain Kids ICYMI. All the princesses, heroes and overall “good” people live in Auredon while the Villains are relegated to the Isle of the Lost, where they can’t escape. A few of the VKs have the chance to enjoy a taste of the good life and are torn between the two worlds.

Disney Descendants 3 - Fall Must Have Toys at Walmart
Uma, Mal, Dizzy, Evie

Mal – daughter of Maleficent, in love with Ben (son of Belle and Beast); best friends with Evie and rivals with both Uma and Ben’s wannabe girlfriend Audrey (daughter of Aurora / Sleeping Beauty)

Evie – daughter of the Evil Queen (from Snow White); into cooking, sewing and fashion design and Mal’s BFF

Uma – daughter of Ursula; into leading other Villain Kids and being Mal’s rival (and ex-BFF)

Dizzy – daughter of Drizella, granddaughter of Cinderella’s evil stepmother; into styling hair and helping

There are a host of other characters on both the Villain Kids and Auredon Kids side. If you haven’t had a chance to jump into this world, now’s a good time to catch up on the first two movies and watch the recent release of Descendants 3. (Find all Disney Descendants toys here).

Disney Descendants 3 - Fall Must Have Toys at Walmart
Disney Descendants 3 - Fall Must Have Toys at Walmart
Disney Descendants 3 - Fall Must Have Toys at Walmart

Now onto a few other categories that are on my radar…

Outdoor Play

Fall is a great time to up your backyard game and spring for toys that the whole family can enjoy. Think swing sets, playhouses, slides and more. Find the latest outdoor toys here. Walmart carries the Greystone playhouse we have as well as this adorable Seaside playhouse and this cute modern playhouse. This LOL picnic table is adorable!



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