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the shower aftermath

March 6, 2011

Yesterday’s shower was so much fun and so adorably pink. Jennifer, Becca and Danielle did such a fab job organizing it all, decorating and picking out the perfect pink spread for everyone to munch on. I didn’t get a chance to snap too many photos, so I’ll have to wait for Jennifer to share hers. Meanwhile, Mom and Jennifer came over today to help me unload and unpack all my gifts. I was way too spoiled and received an entire SUV full of stuff for Emery. At this point, her wardrobe is looking better than mine!
Here are all the bags after we hauled them from the car to the nursery. This doesn’t even include the big items like a super fabulous play pen all the hostesses and Shannon chipped in for.
We hung up what will go in the closet, then folded and stacked the rest to go in the dresser / changing table drawers once it arrives.
Since it hasn’t come in yet, this is where we finished. So far, we’re just shy of chaos and I’m closing in on a month to go. Should I have already lost my mind?

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