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Inspired Mommy: @KatherineMaries Instagram

September 23, 2013

KatherineMariesToothFairyKitBack in my college sorority days, I had a craft collection that even Martha Stewart might be a little jealous of. From scrapbooking and paddle-making to decoupaging, DIY artwork and personalizing EVERYTHING, I kept boxes upon boxes of supplies for random projects that might pop up. I even kept it up after college until my now-husband helped me move out of my apartment and much of “craft collection” mysteriously went to the dumpster. I returned to my old crafty self for a short period during wedding planning but since then all I seem to have time for is a metallic gold Sharpie (on a good day).

You know how browsing Instagram can lead to clicking one profile then another then another until you’re so far down a photo rabbit hole, you’re not sure how you stumbled upon an account? Well that’s how I found the most adorable Instagram. Katherine Marie’s page is everything a mom with even a hint of craftiness might want for sharing afternoon activities, girly fun, educational lessons and special moments with her kids. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites, especially the more girl-focused ideas, but you really have to browse the whole account to get the full effect. This woman is amazing. She has four kids from age 1 to 13, is a professional photographer and STILL finds the time to put together these incredible activities that I’m sure her kids will remember forever. It’s seriously a cuteness overload, and, for me, these images serve as a little inspiration to take extra time, even when it seems like there is none, to create a special moment just for Emery. After all, adorable crafts or not, it’s the little moments that turn into big memories.


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