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Back to School Shopping List

July 26, 2019

Ahhh, yes. The summer heat wave is still going strong, but we’ve reached the end of the season when one big thing looms ahead. If you’re suddenly sweating thinking about early morning alarms, big yellow buses and packing lunches daily, you guessed it. Yes, friends, we’ve arrived at the annual August rush known as Back to School. Mamas, it’s time to get the family back in town, get off the beach chair and start the prep… you know the drill… get it together and get these kids back to school.

Back to school prep inevitably involves lists and shopping. Lengthy classroom supply lists. That summer reading log you may have overlooked for 9 weeks (might wanna grab a few books to cram over the next few days!). A closet to inventory, chucking too-small items and replacing them with new back-to-school clothes. Making sure that lunch box from May doesn’t still have food growing inside.

The sheer list of to-do’s can seem overwhelming and over the years I feel I’ve learned a few things about streamlining. I keep it simple and only spend energy shopping for the things I know will be used all year long. Here I’m sharing all the items I’m adding to cart.

Back to School Clothes

For clothing, that means more basics, more mix-and-match separates, more athleisure and less “fashion” pieces that aren’t as great at recess and art. That’s just the stage we’re in for elementary though I’m sure you middle and high school mamas adapt to those stages as well. Tennis shoes are a must and worth buying more than one pair depending on how many days a week your kid goes to PE.

30A Mama Shopping - Girls Back to School Amazon

3 pack ruffle tops = $16

flippy sequin tee – for whatever reason, these are magic

stripe tee – basic and $4. enough said.

headbands a multi pack for $12

maxi skirt – $14

knee length skirts (2 for $17)

Vans – slip on shoes for the win (these are great if your kid is no longer into Native shoes)

basic sleeveless dresses (2 for $18)

short sleeve dresses (2 for $20)

Adidas sneakers – This is a unisex style, comes in a dozen colors and this pair is so comfortable for active kiddos and PE days.

Amazon Essentials leggings – These are a steal and will be worn again and again. Matching jacket

playground shorts – A must if your girls love skirts like mine. These are great for playing without any undies showing.

State backpack – these are my go-to bags that will last for years.

I typically buy the same brand backpack each year because it holds up so well and can stand the wear and tear of an 8 year old who doesn’t notice when it gets smushed, stepped on or covered it dirt. This brand has such a classic style to keep things simple, but you can choose some more vibrant and fun materials if you like to jazz things up. This is what I bought last year and the year before. Both are still in great shape! Amazon has a few favorites including these metallics and the full collection can be viewed here.

More to come for back-to-school prep! And I love being able to help each other out and share our finds. What are the things you buy for school every year or what items do you have left to get on your list? Leave it in the comments.


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