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Vanessa Hudgens is My Current Hair Idol

April 6, 2009

Lately, I’ve been a bit more in the curly hair mood what with all the rain and humidity. Anyone with naturally curly hair knows humidity is not your friend and rain is about as threatening as a giant snake. With that said, I wanted to make life a little easier during the rainy days, so I pulled my trusty Hai Rod out from the bottom of my hair drawer and put it to work with my current hair idol Vanessa Hudgens in mind. “What is a Hai Rod?”, you might ask.
This is it:

If you hold it upside down with the skinny end toward the bottom, you just wrap your hair around it, hold for a few seconds then let go. You’re left with one perfect Vanessa Hudgens curl. It takes about half the time as a regular curling iron and heats up to over 400 degrees in just a few seconds. This thing is like a magic wand. See? It’s really not that hard to get hair like Vanessa. You just need the right tools.

VHud Photos:

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